The Commodore Celebration -- 13th Annual Maury Auction will be held on Saturday, April 6th in the Hurrah Players' Hugh Copeland Center in Norfolk's NEON District.  
We'll have a wonderful selection of Silent & Live Auction items upon which to bid.  All proceeds from the Auction go to the Maury Boosters Association, which provides funds for ALL academic departments, classes, student clubs, organizations and teams.  So please join us for this fun event and help us enrich the lives of Maury students.   
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the Maury Booster Association auction?

It is a fundraiser for Maury High School and also a fun social event.

There are many ways to support the Maury Auction. You can volunteer to help plan the auction or to work at it on the day it happens. You can become an auction sponsor for as little as $50. (For a listing of sponsorship levels and benefits, seeclick on the "Sponsor" tab on the homepage.) You can also donate items or gift certificates to be sold at the auction and encourage others to do the same.

You can also register and pay to attend the auction and encourage friends and relatives to also attend. (To register and pay, please click on the "RSVP" tab at the top of the homepage.) For more details about the auction contact the auction chair at  .

  • How do the auction's funds benefit the school?

The Maury Booster Association will distribute all funds raised to Maury High. Part of the proceeds will go directly to the school teams and clubs that create theme baskets for the auction, as well as the school's academic departments. A portion of the proceeds will also provide grants for specific school needs requested by Maury's teachers, staff, coaches and club sponsors.

  • Didn't there used to be a Maury Auction just for the athletic department?

Yes. For several years the Maury High School athletic department sponsored a spring auction as a fundraiser and social event. The auction did not happen in 2005 and was revitalized in 2006 by the Maury Booster Association and expanded to benefit all of Maury High's clubs and its 2,000-plus students.